Introduction to Paid Consulting Policies

    Aspose Paid Consulting is an efficient and safe way to outsource your software project and get your business to the next level.
    Aspose can do all technical software development work using the latest standards and best coding practices so that you can concentrate on your business growth and other key activities.
    In addition to coding, you get our guidance, expertise, recommendations, and highest quality standards.

    Your project success is also our success.

    Flexible approach, new developers on demand
    • Paid Consulting service is flexible, and you can increase or decrease the number of consultants according to your needs at any time.
      If your business expands, you can add more developers on-demand without worrying about employment, required skills, and team management.

    • We use the Agile process to get results fast and ensure the delivered project is what you needed.

    Types of Paid Consulting

    Aspose offers two types of Paid Consulting:

    • Custom development of complete applications or individual modules.

    • Adding new features in Aspose products.

    Custom application development
    • We do custom application development with regular communication with the customer and using Agile best practices to make sure the project develops in the right direction.

    • Aspose grants the customer a full source code license to the created work. You are free to use, modify, or sell the project indefinitely.

    • We retain the source code ownership, and we could use parts of it in other projects.

    Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
    • Aspose protects your confidential information. All data and communication related to your projects are visible only to you and Aspose staff.
    Adding new features in Aspose product
    • Aspose continually improves the products and implements new features based on our customers’ requirements.

    • If you want us to develop some features that are not currently on the roadmap or need it implemented sooner, Paid Consulting can resolve this problem.
      In this case, the new feature is integrated into the appropriate product, and source code is not available.

    • Aspose owns Intellectual property rights of the product and additional functions.

    • All work is integrated into the latest product version.

    • We cannot add new features to old product versions because it would require maintaining multiple codebases.

    • To use the latest product version, you need the active license for that product.

    Per Capacity, Not per Scope
    • We use Agile methodology and frequent communication with our customers to ensure the project is going in the right direction.

    • The project could change since the initial description, require new features and change priorities.

    • To simplify the process and provide maximum value in these dynamic conditions, we define Paid Consulting as a developer per month service.
      The contract is not project-based because the project could change based on market demands, requiring new features and changing priorities.

    • We do our best to provide reliable ETA, but it is still an estimate, not a promise.

    The Price of Paid Consulting
    • The price of Paid Consulting is $5999 USD per month per developer, paid monthly. The minimal charging unit at Paid Consulting is one month.
    Remote work
    • Aspose consultants work remotely using the internet and various development and communication tools.

    • We don’t offer on-site services.

    How to cancel Paid Consulting
    • Paid Consulting is paid monthly in advance with a single monthly invoice.

    • You can cancel the subscription at any time.

    Limitation of Liability
    • We provide world-class consulting following proven best software development practices. However, as in any other human activity, it is always possible there could be mistakes.

    • In no event shall Aspose be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, lost profits, business interruption, or lost information) rising out of using the provided source code.